Top 4 Mobile Brands 2019


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   Top  selling Mobile brands companies 2019

1. Samsung

mobile phone companies

Samsung Electronics is the best company in this year. Apart from being one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, the company also develops, manufactures and sells other consumer products as well.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of devices runnong in most of the countries.


Here are the popular smartphones:
                               populr mobile                         

SAMSUNG GALAXY C9 PRO                                                                       SAMSUNG M20



2. Xiaomi Mobile

top 10 mobile phone companies - xiaomi

redmi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and has rapidly gained market share in China. Becoming China’s largest smartphone company in 2014. As of 2018,redmi is the world’s 5th largest smartphone company.

It has revolutionized the budget smartphone market in India as well, both with their phones and it have unique features than others


Here are the popular smartphones:

REDMI NOTE 8                                                                                                  REDMI MI 9

3. Lenovo (including Motorola)

top 10 mobile phone companies - lenovoLenovo is a Chinese multinational company with headquarters in Beijing, China and North Carolina. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices.

Lenovo  made its comeback as the third smartphone brand and saw an increase of 83 percent in shipments from the previous months.



Here are the popular smartphones:

Lenovo K8 Note (Venom Black, 4GB) with New System Updatemobile brands

LENOVO NOTE K8                                   LENEVO NOTE K8 WITH SYSTEM UPDATE

4. OnePlus

OnePlus is a start-up known smartphones. The smartphones boast flagship-level specifications and features but are priced in the mid-range segment. Its first smartphone was the OnePlus One, which the company used to debut in India in 2014.

The One was designed to compare favorably in performance, quality, and prices and its features




Here are the popular smartphones:

one plus latest mobile                                                                                          latest oneplus mobile

ONEPLUS 7T                                                                            ONEPLUS 6T


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